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Covid Vaccine Record: India 2 Billion Doses of Covid Vaccine in Just 18 Months

During Covid-19 pandemic, Covid-19 vaccine came up as a life saver. Everyone was advised to get vaccinated in order to boost their immunity and get protected from the virus. In India, the vaccine was available in hospitals as well as community halls. People were vaccinated free of cost.

Well, what amazed everyone the most is that India has administered 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Yes, India has set a major milestone in the fight against this deadly virus. However, how did India get to set this milestone? When was this record set? Let’s check!

Covid Vaccine Record by India: 2 Billion Doses in Just 18 Months

India is the only country that has vaccinated more people than any other country in the world.  India set this record on July 17, 2022, just 18 months after the vaccination was started in the country.This is because the government issued vaccines to everyone without any barrier of financial status. This way, more and more people took advantage of this and got vaccinated.

Even though there was a shortage of vaccines many times, the Indian government made sure that it was available soon. This not only protected individuals from the virus but also reduced the death ratio in the country. That is why the government has expanded the vaccination drive and people are taking vaccines even today. The majority of people have taken 2 doses but the third dose has also started.

The reason why India set this track record is the dedication of the government and all workers who were indulged in vaccination. With their hard work, India was able to combat this pandemic.

Things that resulted in 2 billion doses of Covid Vaccine in India

Here are some important factors that helped India make a successful record of 2 billion covid vaccine doses in just 18 months:

  • Strong Leadership: In the vaccination drive, the significant role was played by the Indian government because the government was responsible for funding and creation and distribution of vaccines. Without strong leadership of the government, achieving this milestone was not possible.
  • Efficient Healthcare System: Healthcare system in India is the other reason why India achieved this milestone too early. Workers are dedicated and they were trained properly to administer the vaccine appropriately, safely and effectively.
  • Public Trust: People had high trust in vaccines and were willing to protect themselves from the virus by getting vaccinated. That is why many people came forward to take vaccines after the announcement which resulted in high success.

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All in All

In the end, not only the government and Indian system but people of the country are equally appreciated. It is all because of them that India made a record of 2 billion covid vaccine doses in just 18 months after the vaccine started. In case, if they were not willing to take vaccines, this milestone was impossible to achieve.


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