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Mistakes That Can Lower Your IELTS Band Scores

Do you know why some students cannot achieve their desired IELTS band scores in exam even after having amazing English skills? This is because they do some mistakes that impact their scores. It is completely understandable that students don’t commit these mistakes intentionally but just a little neglect can break their dream of studying abroad.

To avoid mistakes in the IELTS exam, you need to understand what types of mistakes are commonly committed by students. After that, you need to avoid such blunders in order to acquire positive results. Well, if you are aiming to attain the best coaching to improve your English language skills, and that too without moving anywhere, you can attend the best IELTS and PTE online coaching classes.

Here are some common mistakes that can impact your IELTS band scores:

Repetition of Words

In the writing task, repetition of words can lower your band scores. That is why trainers lay stress on vocabulary. They advise students to write a wide range of words along with different sentence structures in the writing task to boost their IELTS band scores. Still, some students prefer using the same type of words. They don’t even use the same word one time but multiple times. This way, the examiner thinks that the candidate has a poor vocabulary range and doesn’t give good scores for the task. Therefore, it is better to enhance your word bank by learning new words on a daily basis. Make sure to practice using new words in your daily life to avoid the chances of errors in exams. Otherwise, if you use a particular word in the wrong way, it can also impact your score.

Spelling Errors

Sometimes, students don’t know the spelling of some words but try to use them in the writing task. In addition, they also do the same mistake in the listening part as well. Sometimes, they are able to hear the answer but don’t know the exact spelling. Hence, they don’t get any score for that answer even though it is correct. Therefore, you must not neglect spelling mistakes and must improve them by dictating words. Yes!! Ask your friend or a sibling to pronounce some words and make sure to write the correct spelling. This way, you can shoot two birds with the same bow because it will improve your vocabulary and spelling as well.

Neglecting Guidelines

Some guidelines are given to IELTS candidates during the examination. They need to follow each and every rule and attempt the exam by following them. However, some students neglect these rules which further lowers their scores. In the reading section, it is clearly mentioned that students need to give answers as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Still, some students write ‘True’ or ‘False’. Moreover, in the listening section, it is specified that candidates need to give a one-word answer and some aspirants give answers in more than one word. This way, they don’t get any score that lowers their overall band score. Therefore, make sure to read the guidelines first if you want to boost your IELTS band scores.

Wrong Pronunciation

It has been observed many times that students focus on the accent more than pronunciation. Let us tell you that your accent doesn’t matter in the IELTS exam but your pronunciation does. If you are using complex words while speaking but pronounce them in the wrong way, it can lower your scores. Therefore, make sure to pronounce the words correctly in IELTS speaking if you want to boost your IELTS scores. Well, if you want to enhance your English-speaking skills and pronunciation by getting the best training, you can join the best English speaking institute in Patiala.

All In All

Above we have mentioned some of the most common and important blunders which students make that is ruining their band scores. Keep in mind that everything is in your hands and in your hands only. By changing yourself you can change your outcome too. Instead of envying others and crying all about your mistakes, try to work harder and harder. Keep in mind that there is no limit and that it is not over until you win. In the case of the IELTS exam. Reputation and not managing time properly are the very most important things plus not to forget that you will also be needed to know the basic level of English too before trying to give the exam.


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